Welcome to the World of Happy Kidz

Happy Kidz is a distributor of high quality and unique baby and children’s products. The founder, Ariel Tavasi, has been a retailer since 1991 and decided to use his experience to bring new, innovative and smart children’s products to the US.

2013 has been a busy year for Happy Kidz. Scotchi Kid toy line was launched in the US in August 2013. Scotchi has been met with tremendous accolades from parents, teachers and therapists worldwide, help to teach children important matching concepts, improve small motor skills and eye hand coordination and can strengthen memory.  Each of the 13 themed sets is made from washable, flexible polypropylene material that is extremely long lasting. The entire line has been rigorously tested to make sure they are safe for children.  Their light weight also make the perfect travel toy as with pieces can be easily carried in a zip lock bag.

Kleine Dreumes product line was launched in October 2013. Kleine Dreumes was founded by Hanneke Schepers, a Dutch mother of three toddlers. Hanneke never really understood the idea behind wheeled boards that allows children to stand on their younger sibling’s stroller. She understood it a little better when she had her second child and had to transport both her children around at the same time. One day Hanneke got the idea for a chair that allowed her children to sit while riding on the wheeled board. Hanneke designed and created the Twoo, a chair designed especially to fit with the Bugaboo’s wheeled board. From there she went on to design a universal board seat, called the Kid-Sit.

The “Clam-P” was developed to help parents keep blankets in place when out and about with baby.  Very often a light blanket is used to create a dark, quiet space for a sleeping baby or it is used as a sun shield, positioned over the stroller hood to protect baby’s sensitive skin.  But one small gust of wind and the blanket moves, thus exposing the baby to light, nose, dirt and the sun.

The Clam-P is a shell-like clip that opens large enough to secure a blanket around the edge of the stroller or stroller hood.   Easy to operate single-handedly, but strong enough to keep things in place, the Clam-P will make strolling with baby more enjoyable for all.   “After many years in juvenile sales and observing parents struggling to keep baby covered, I realized there was a real void in the marketplace for a simple way to secure light blankets in place,” comments Ariel Tavasi, owner of Happy Kids and creator of the Clam-P.

May 2015 marks another milestone for Happy Kidz with the launching of the most exciting, unique, innovative Doona, The Next Generation Car Seat.