logo_kleinedreumesKleine Dreumes manufactures smart & simple products that make life for parents of young kids more fun.

Kleine Dreumes was founded by Hanneke Schepers, a Dutch mother of three toddlers. Hanneke never really understood the idea behind Bugaboo’s wheeled board that allows children to stand on their younger sibling’s stroller. She understood it a little better when she had her second child and had to transport both her children around at the same time. She still found flaws in the product however. One day Hanneke got the idea for a chair that allowed her children to sit while riding on the wheeled board. Hanneke designed and created the Twoo, a chair designed especially to fit with the Bugaboo’s wheeled board. From there she went on to design a universal board seat, called the Kid-Sit.

Thanks to the success of the Twoo and the Kid-Sit, you can find Kleine Dreumes’ products in over fifteen countries across the world. Hanneke Schepers combines her previous professional background as a manager of a global consulting firm with her experience as a mother to help her achieve her goal “to make life easier and more fun for young parents.”


The Kid-Sit™ is a stroll-along board+seat for children from around 18 months up to 4 years old (40 lbs). The Kid-Sit™ is ingeniously designed, is simple to use and great fun to sit on! The board rests on the back axle, and is held on by simple durable straps. The seat clicks into place on the board, though the board is designed for use on its own as well. The Kid-Sit™ enables your second child to ride along easily, greatly increasing your mobility.


The Kid-Sit™ now fits onto many more types of stroller, by using the Kid-Sit™ Adapter! For example on the Quinny Buzz or Stokke!


Use of the Kid-Sit™ Adapter enables the Kid-Sit to fit many more strollers!
How does it work?

1. You attach the Kid-Sit™ Adapter to the frame of the pram by use of the straps provided.
2. You then attach the Kid-Sit™ to the horizontal bar between the straps
3. The Kid-Sit™ can be attached or detached by means of the lynchpins. The straps stay in place on the frame


Twoo® is a seat which has been specially designed to fit onto the Bugaboo board – it slides easily onto the board. Toddlers are now able to take on longer and more distant journeys, which makes their parents extremely happy. Twoo is suitable for children from around 24 months up to 4 years old (40 lbs). They can hold onto the cot/pram seat or to the prams handles, and interact with their baby brother or sister. Bugaboo users can use both products, the Kid-Sit by itself, or the Twoo combined with a Bugaboo board. You can use the Twoo® from the moment your child starts to walk. The child should be able to sit firmly by itself. We advise use of the Twoo® from two years on.


The Twoo® is made from a high quality synthetic material and aluminium. It has been subjected to all the rigorous safety tests imposed by the TNO – on its own, together with the board, and also attached to a stroller/pram – and has been given their full approval. The seat is not suitable for children who weigh more than 40 lbs.

Following products of TWOO are available:

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