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The New York Times

Travel: 8 Ways to Tackle Long-Haul Flights with Children.

The Strategist

13 Best Strollers Review. In a world of “so many SUV-size strollers ….. the Doona is more of a Vespa.”


Blogger Amber Venz says Doona is “the piece of baby gear I can’t live without… In all honesty, if I was to get one piece of baby gear, this would be it.”


Dana says: “If you live in a city where you go from home to taxi or uber to your final destination, the Doona is for you.”

Small space living with baby? These 9 fab products do more with less

Huffington Post
Huffington Post

Product Survival Guide for Newborns by a Shark Tank Mom.

Tips for Flying with a Car Seat.

New York Family

Stroller Eclipse: The Best Strollers of 2017.

Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine

Doona in Pregnancy and Newborn’s Cravings section: Hot Rides for Small Fries.

Convertible Car Seat Review

What’s new for 2015?
Doona – The Next-Generation Car Seat

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My top five #DoonaMoments

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Doona infant car seat: Designed for parents on the go

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Five products to make Mama’s life easier.

Ghost Writer Mummy Review

Simple parenting? A Doona update

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Best Products To Make Moms’ Lives Easier- Doona Travel System

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#DoonaMoments – Going On Holiday

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New baby gear to look forward to in 2015

Ghost Writer Mummy Review

Simple Parenting: Doona Car Seat review

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Sassy Scoop: The car seat that turns into a stroller

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New Baby products 2015- Baby and toddler products to look out for in 2015

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You’ve got to be ‘Kidding’..