Tips to Finish That Baby Book….. Really

Baby Book

Let me guess, you had good intentions of filling out your child’s baby book with every milestone reached, but time just got away from you and now you feel overwhelmed at the prospect of diving back in? You are not alone. Life gets busy and it’s hard to find the time to pay attention to activities like this that appear to be so time-consuming.

Here are some tips for making the task of finishing your child’s baby book more manageable.

  • Choose a format that suits your needs. If you know that you won’t have the time or the inclination to slave away over a home-made scrapbook, try a store bought book or an online version that you can print via Shutterfly or similar
  • Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Set realistic expectations. Spend 15 months every month writing down your child’s milestones and pick perhaps one photo to go with them
  • Make sure you have your baby book in a handy spot in case you have a thought that you’d like to jot down. This could be a dedicated place for your book or an app on your phone
  • Understand that you cannot capture everything. Think about the memories and photos you would like to record

    Here are some ideas:
    – The positive pregnancy test
    – How Mom told Dad
    – How you shared the news with other people
    – The 20-week ultrasound photo
    – What you did on baby’s due date
    – The story of baby’s birth (baby’s stats)
    – Newborn pictures of baby with parents
    – Who visited you at the hospital
    – The first day and night at home
    – Baby’s nursery
    – First smile
    – Rolling from belly to back and vice versa
    – First sounds
    – Who people say baby looks like
    – Sitting up unassisted
    – First tooth
    – Things that make baby laugh
    – First foods
    – First family vacation
    – When baby started crawling
    – First steps
    – First words
    – First haircut
    – First birthday
    – Random, funny and sweet moments

• Here’s a list of electronic apps you might want to check out

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